New study results published at EPUAP Belfast showed significant reductions in PU and fall incidence

As recently reported in our Events section, Ms. Florence Carrea-Bassin presented first results of the Mobility Monitor trial in the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Lausanne at the EPUAP Congress in Belfast on 20 and 21 September 2017. Interested participants were impressed by this systematic evaluation of the Mobility Monitor, a first in an acute hospital and of the published results. A high-light of the presentation was that the pressure ulcer and fall incidence could be reduced to 0% in the course of the evaluation. The abstract of the presentation can be viewed on page 64 here:


The authors intend to publish further details of the evaluation. We will update you here on further developments.      

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Data from the Mobility Monitor for case conferences: Effective tools to improve sleep quality of people with dementia

As reported last year, the University of Applied Sciences of St. Gallen and the Institute of Business Management St Gallen (CH) demonstrated in a clinical study that a system for mobility monitoring (Mobility Monitor) combined with individual case conferences would improve the sleep quality of elderly people with cognitive disorders. The authors of this clinical study are now presenting the results from a practical perspective using 2 individual cases in a new publication.

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Care between Nightingale’s rule and modern technologies

PD Dr. med. Roland de Roche, Head Physician of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Department of Neural Rehabilitation and Paraplegiology, describes in a review article of the magazine Wundmanagement the various factors that can contribute to decubitus development. At the same time, he emphasizes the important role played by the Mobility Monitor in decubitus prevention: "A measuring device under the mattress registers the nocturnal movements and alerts when the sleeping person has not moved relevantly within two hours. Only these patients must be turned at night; Those who turn around themselves must not be woken, and this also relieves nurses of work."

(Source: Wund Management 2017; 11 (2), Pages 49-50)

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RCT Results: Improved sleep quality for residents with dementia

The institute of applied Nursing Science, IPW-FHS, the University of applied Sciences FHS St Gallen, and the Institute of Business Management St Gallen (Switzerland) published first results of a clinical trial performed with the Mobility Monitor.

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